During the Covid-19 pandemic:



Please arrive at your appointment timeNobody will be using the waiting room during this time.  If you are early, please wait outside, or in your car.  We will come down and meet you at the front door and bring you up to the treatment room.    If you have been accompanied by anyone, they will have to wait outside, or come back to meet you at the end of your treatment.


Why? To keep everyone safe and to reduce the number of surfaces and areas that we have to disinfect regularly. 


Please come in WEARING your mask.  All acupuncturists and all patients must wear masks for the entire time while in the office.


Please do not bring unnecessary items into the office with you, i.e., bags, water bottles, IPads, etc. The fewer items you have the less likely we will have any issues with contamination.  The front door will be propped open.  Please use the hand sanitizer provided immediately after entering the front door. 


There will be another alcohol-based hand sanitizing station upstairs, for use after your treatment. 


Please try not to touch anything on the way up to the treatment room.  Only use the stair handrail and the bathroom if absolutely necessary, again, to reduce the amount of cleaning we have to do.  Please let us know if you’ve used the bathroom, so that we can be sure to disinfect all surfaces and knobs.


Thank you for your help and cooperation to keep everyone in our community safe.


All high touch surfaces like doorknobs and faucets will be cleaned before opening the office, between patients, and at the end of the day with Covid-19 killing disinfectants.


There are no employees at this office other than the practitioners who practice here.  If any of us gets sick with Covid-19, the office will be disinfected, all patients who have been in 14 days prior will be notified and the practitioner will self-quarantine for 14 days before re-opening.  


Practitioners will wash hands between patients and use at least 60% alcohol based sanitizer while in the rooms working with patients.


Each patient will sign a Covid-19 waiver and acknowledgement before treatment that speaks to the risks of being exposed to Covid-19 and the repercussions of the virus on a body.


We will be scheduling appointments and arranging the treatment space to guarantee appropriate physical distance between patients and to minimize interactions on the way into and out of the clinic.  Follow-up appointments will be made in the treatment room, outside, or online.  If you intend to pay by check, please bring your check already filled out.   


Please DO NOT come to your appointment if you have, or have had, any cold or flu symptoms in the past 14 days, have traveled recently, or have any of the symptoms that are associated with Covid-19.  This applies if you have a household member with any symptoms.  We know that there are many silent carriers, but our goal is to minimize any exposure of known causes.  Instead, call us to reschedule or discuss other options.  We can consult over the phone and offer you an herbal prescription to help with your resistance, symptoms and recovery.